Vi har fått en hälsning från Deaf Link Uganda. DLU skriver bl.a.

We .. closed the month (June) by implementing our action plans. We donated livestock to 3 turkeys and 2 sheep to Parents of Deaf children and 2 pigs to a Deaf business woman. This is under our Livelihoods Programme and the funds used were allocated from KFUM Heby donation. In this programme, we aim to improve the livelihoods of families of deaf individuals in remote rural areas, most of whom experience poverty. They receive these items to start an income generating activity within thier family home so as to generate some income. We make contracts/agreements with them that after a project period (1 and ahalf to 2 two years), they’ll return the animals and we donate them to a new set of parents – its a cycle of support which enables families of the deaf work together and support each other, while generating income from the animals we donate.”

Du vet väl att du alltid kan köpa hantverk från DLU på våra loppisar och andra evenemang?

Ge ett bidrag? Skriv ”DLU” och använd KFUM swish 123 677 62 72 eller bg 5259-5469.